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Early Fall from Velvet

super soft waffled thermal

luxurious and warm cashmere blend

dual sweater knit pant

cashmere blend cobalt blue

All available now.

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Good things

Meet Xirena, one of my favorites.  The styles are colorful, chic, and if I may, HOT.

They straddle the space between lingerie and swimsuits. They're made to be seen. (Yes, you count.)
In addition to the fabulous patterns and color-block, Xirena also makes a fantastic cotton poplin button down shirt. And that's just about the extent of the collection. But Oh, what they do they do so well.
All made here in the USA.

Wear 'em, love 'em.

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Epicé scarves

From Danish/French designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer comes the coveted Epicé collection of scarves. Printed in pleasing colors and patterns, often with contrasting borders, in cotton, silk, linen, wool or blends of those materials, each is stunning. 

This is just a teaser sampling, come into the store and check out the others!

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Is it possible to fall in love with a shirt? 'Cause this new button down from Hartford has stolen my heart*:

It brings to mind Marilyn on the beach, which sounds just about perfect in every way today.  Or, possibly, just the effortless chic of this shirt with black skinny jeans- which is how I'd wear it.

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It's true that I am a sucker for a pun.  I'm also always on the hunt for the right jeans.
Which means I'm doubly pleased to introduce Eugene denim.  They're great jeans: clean, simple, skinny but not too, low rise, but not too, with a sweet pedigree: Italian denim, but made in the USA.  We've got two styles in: deep, dark denim for the purists, and a black that starts that way, but fades to grey below the knee.  Ombre.   Nice.

Come check them out.

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Lu Davis!

The work of photographer Lu Davis is going up in the store this week.  Her work makes me ache in the best way.  The images are evocative, emotional, and empathetic... but this is my take- come in and see for yourself.
Teaser below:

Hamptons Heartbreak

Pink Vanessa


Sunday Styes

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"From here it looks like you could use some new underwear"...

When I first moved to New York a lingerie line, now defunct, scrawled that on the sidewalks.  It was cheeky and clever.

I'm not looking up your skirt, but from the looks of my underwear drawer, I could use some new undies...
So, generous girl that I am, I have brought in some new favorites for all of us.
Herewith I re-introduce Cosabella to the store (with matching bras and bralets):

Retro leopard print? check. 

Sunshine lace hotpants? check.

Lace edged cotton? check.
And from Eberjey, smooth teal lace.

And again, all of them have optional, co-ordinating tops. Happy Spring.
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When did this term even come into my vocabulary?
Girl-crushing is more than just the admiration one feels for icons like Audrey Hepburn, it's closer to an "l like you, you're awesome, we should be friends" feeling.

I have quite a few girl crushes going at any given time- perennials on my list are Kate Moss (I know, I know..but really? I love her) Madonna (forever and always) Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Stella McCartney, Cate Blanchett, Sophia Coppola, Tina Fey... there are a million more, but let's just go with this little taste before it gets any more revealing (read: embarrassing).  

Armour glosses: Lucy (opaque orange) Grace (magenta shimmer) and Kashmir (rosy peach shimmer)
Lately I'm crushing on Theo Kogan, local lovely, lead singer of  bands the Lunachicks and Theo and the Skyscrapers, DJ, momma, tattoo artist, and proprietress of Armour Beauty.  She's creative, colorful, and certainly crush worthy.

Plus, she has exquisite timing.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I've been on a lip gloss quest.

I've been searching for the perfect lip wear for months now, wandering into Sephora every time I pass one, scanning the reviews on Make-Up Alley, googling things like, "Michelle Williams Red Lipstick".  I've bought half a dozen... Lip Sugar from Fresh, a fancy rosy lipstick from Korres, tinted something from Burt's Bees... Nothing was quite right.
In walked Theo.

Her (Armour's) gloss is thick, laquer-like, rich and colorful.  It's a slick that you know you are wearing, and it lasts for hours.  The colors are either shimmery with flecks of glitter, or creamy and opaque.  They're named for her icons (crushes?): rock gods and goddesses, songs, beauties.

I'm contentedly wearing "Diana", a glossy, opaque, rosy neutral, these days, and moonlighting with "Kashmir" a shimmery, soft peachy pink.

They're available now at the store, and crush worthy indeed.

She didn't name it for me, but a girl can dream...
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Let me introduce you

to some of the new designers in the store this fall:

The lovely and delightful, and very local, Megan Noonan dropped off pieces from her inaugural collection for Marijn Bennet. I'm particularly taken by the braided scarves in alpaca and wool. Warm necklaces in fetching colors are an original take on a winter staple.

Hikaru Noguchi, is a new gem for us. Japanese by origin, she produces her collection of knit accessories in the UK from the finest Scottish, English and Australian wool. The styles reference vintage knitwear, while updating colors to a thoroughly modern mix. I call it friendly, soft, warm... and definitely cool.

Another new find is Mercy Studio, by a design duo out of Toronto. The rich fabrics, attention to detail and romantic silhouettes drew me in immediately. In the end, though, there is something unique and artful about the collection that I haven't come across before, and that won me over. The digitally printed silk charmeuse, in deep navy with bronzy gold, blue, white and brown is pure luxury, and the washed stars on woven wool are sophisticated delight. Not to mention the gold brocade coat...

This is just a tease, come see what else is on the racks and on the shelves.
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Meanwhile, back in Park Slope...

Witness the work of George The Great:

The lights are embedded in wooden dowls- fantastic.

George Awad, truly George the Great, has been transforming the lighting in the store this summer.
It started with an offhand comment from my friend Christine, about her father's mini obsession with LED lighting. LEDs are something I have long championed, but had disappointing experience with. 
They are magical: very energy efficient, long lived and bright, but until recently the color spectrum available to the general public was limited to very white/ blue light- not the best for my warm store.
George's interest has led him to explore the options now available, including warmer tones, and the results are remarkable, as you can see in the before and after photos above.
I'm completely thrilled. 

And, among things that may thrill you: there are lots of good things on SALE in the store now. 
Come in, experience George's magic, and find something magic of your own.
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