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Meanwhile, back in Park Slope...

Witness the work of George The Great:

The lights are embedded in wooden dowls- fantastic.

George Awad, truly George the Great, has been transforming the lighting in the store this summer.
It started with an offhand comment from my friend Christine, about her father's mini obsession with LED lighting. LEDs are something I have long championed, but had disappointing experience with. 
They are magical: very energy efficient, long lived and bright, but until recently the color spectrum available to the general public was limited to very white/ blue light- not the best for my warm store.
George's interest has led him to explore the options now available, including warmer tones, and the results are remarkable, as you can see in the before and after photos above.
I'm completely thrilled. 

And, among things that may thrill you: there are lots of good things on SALE in the store now. 
Come in, experience George's magic, and find something magic of your own.
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