Is it possible to fall in love with a shirt? 'Cause this new button down from Hartford has stolen my heart*:

It brings to mind Marilyn on the beach, which sounds just about perfect in every way today.  Or, possibly, just the effortless chic of this shirt with black skinny jeans- which is how I'd wear it.

Other noteworthy lovelies in the store right now:
The simple perfection of Alex Lehr's pima cotton tank tops, the one-of-a-kind splendor of 100% wool hand loomed Bolivian frasadas, Auntie Oti's delicate Indian textiles, Only Hearts made in New York organic cotton undies, and a slew of perfectly punk belts from California's Calleen Cordero.

I'm notoriously fickle- any one of the above, and probably a combination of a few could have my heart tomorrow.

*I apologize for the vapidity of this statement- but it's ok to get obsessed with inanimate objects every now and then. Really, it is.