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matta in the fall

You can't go wrong with matta, but our latest shipment is particularly exciting. Maybe it's the flattering, yet liberating silhouettes.. or maybe it's the cotton and silk combos, or the fabulous detail work...

I think matta fall/winter 13' line is so amazing, however, because of the colors. Look at the COLORS!

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Epicé scarves

From Danish/French designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer comes the coveted Epicé collection of scarves. Printed in pleasing colors and patterns, often with contrasting borders, in cotton, silk, linen, wool or blends of those materials, each is stunning. 

This is just a teaser sampling, come into the store and check out the others!

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Loves of the day 2.12.2013

Things we adore in dusty rose & dusty violet: Matta scarf, 
Sage perfume oil, Mali bangles & Diana Kane hairties.

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Loves of the day 2.9.2013

Getting ready for Valentine's Day with a Leigh and Luca Scarf, 
Peruvian rug, Xirena bra and Diana Kane heart jewelry.

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