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On Thursday, March 27th we will be celebrating the collage work of artist Johanna Goodman, and playing with beautiful (lip)glossy color with Armour Beauty chief Theo Kogan.

I adore them both.

Come out and join us.  There will be nibbles and drinks; raffles; discounts and fun!

Deets to follow.

Here are a couple of Johanna's pieces 
In the meantime, new beauties are arriving in the store daily… New in TODAY from MODASPIA
Shop Spring, shop beautiful, shop local…in the store, and online.

xx Diana
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tall cow hand printed greeting cards

Tall Cow was created by Deanna Ebner in May of 2004. This small company is dedicated to maintaining a unique contribution to the creative world of card design. They create fun and quirky hand printed greeting cards for any occasion. Their edgy and sophisticated style has found success in many small gift and paper stores all over the east coast. We are honored to carry their beautiful work in Diana Kane.

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Wonder women

It's funny that I've never written about this before, but if you've visited the store it's likely that you will have noticed the images of Wonder Woman scattered throughout.  I love her.

There are very few female superheroes, and many of the ones we have are mere derivatives of their male counterparts (bat girl, anyone?).  There were probably even fewer when I was growing up.  But there was always Wonder Woman: the kick-ass Amazon princess who selflessly heeds the call of a society in peril, giving up her island paradise to come to mankind's aid.

She's unabashedly beautiful and feminine, strong, independent, kind and caring.  And wow, those accessories: bullet deflecting bracelets, a lasso that compels the truth, an invisible plane?  Not to mention the boots...

I like the reminder.... I like the message... Looking hot doesn't make you weak, you don't need big muscles or a big gun to be strong and get things done, and helping people who need it is cool.

About six months ago, Independent Lens ran a documentary about wonder women, and Wonder Woman in particular, that was really (yeah) wonderful.  I highly recommend checking it out, as it was totally compelling, educational, and clearly made with love.

So in our dressing rooms, and on our walls, and on our website too, you will come across images of Wonder Woman.

This mixed media piece was done by Brooklyn artist Tifenn Python.  I commissioned it.

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Lu Davis!

The work of photographer Lu Davis is going up in the store this week.  Her work makes me ache in the best way.  The images are evocative, emotional, and empathetic... but this is my take- come in and see for yourself.
Teaser below:

Hamptons Heartbreak

Pink Vanessa


Sunday Styes

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