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Nope: The Women's March on Washington, photography by Torz Dallison

Nope: The Women's March on Washington, photography by Torz Dallison

“For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”

                                    —Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

 Feminism and resistance take center stage in the exhibition Nope: The Women’s March on Washington, Photography by Torz Dallison, currently on view at Diana Kane’s project space in Brooklyn. Dallison’s photographs capture the vitality, human compassion, and strength of the millions of protestors who participated in the Women’s March on January 21, 2017. On this historic day, an overwhelming sense of synchronicity and collective unrest unified the nation and the globe in the pursuit of a commitment to human rights and equality. Dallison’s singular portraits and large-scale panoramas respond to a universal and incisive question: Why do we march? Embodied among the strident interlocked figures, and the solitary heroines, we find a reservoir of tenacity, urgency, and activism. Above all else, Dallison’s photographs seize the subtle yet critical directive of the Women’s March to assemble and resist with civility.

 Accompanying the installation is a beautiful catalogue for purchase, with an introduction by art historian Aliza Edelman, featuring over fifty images by Dallison. Nope is Diana Kane’s second feminist project following the presentation of Portraits of Women: Icons and Feminists, and will be on view through May 17. A closing party will be held at Diana Kane on Saturday, May 13, 5-8PM.

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Can't wait to see you at the opening of Portraits of Women: Icons and Feminists

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Community feels

I'm very pleased to say our lovely neighbors, Red, White, and Bubbly, and Acme Wines & Spirits are sponsoring our opening party for Portraits of Women: Icons and Feminists Thank you to Adam and Donald for your generosity, we will raise a glass to you. 

I'm also happy to report that Brooklyn Frameworks is offering a framing deal to any of you who purchase pieces from the show. There will be examples of the frame style (simple, clean, modern) on a few of the pieces so you can see them. George does excellent work and has been a pillar of our community for over 18 years..

Shop local people, and appreciate the small businesses in your community who contribute to making us the vibrant community we are!

x Diana


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Portraits of Women: Icons and Feminists

Portraits of Women: Icons and Feminists

In a first for our store, I have organized an art show with many contributing artists. There will be somewhere between 25-35 by the time the show goes up, on September 17th.

Each artist was given a 12" x 12" wooden board and asked to create a portrait of an inspiring woman of their choice. 

It's been an absolute pleasure to see the pieces come in, and they are awesome.

There's something so valuable in original artwork, it's an expression from a human being meant to excite your heart/ mind. I'm fascinated by what we respond to, and why... please take a scan and see what you respond to. 

The inspiration behind this show is equality in representation. What we encounter is invaluable in forming our views of the world and what is possible for us; what we see teaches us what to aspire towards. 

Too much of our history is told and framed by the stories from and of men. Don't get me wrong: I love men. But the truth is we don't see anywhere near an equal number of female contributions and contributors. It's time to see more of the women who succeed in impacting the world.

I hope you can join us for our opening party, please check out the Facebook event for more info. If you can't, don't worry, the show will be up for at least a month, and if it goes well, longer- in my perfect world we can continue to add new work as the first pieces sell.

And do check them out here! 


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