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OMG Spring 2021

OMG Spring 2021

It's Easter Sunday and I've spent the afternoon updating the site, culling and adding and editing. There's more to come (always) and yet it feels like a bit of clearing the cobwebs has happened. New bits and bobs are trickling in, and that's exciting. I'll soon be adding a bar/bat mitzvah/ sweet sixteen gift collection, because the season is upon us!

Like so many of us, I continue to feel my way through this uncertain time. As such, I urge you to take care of yourself: whatever you're feeling and doing is OKAY. And hey, I made some pretty eye pillows to encourage rest and relaxation

I look forward to being fully vaxxed in just a couple more weeks, and can't wait to venture out into the world more. 

I plan to wake up the Short Story Book Club shortly, so if you want in join the page/group here. The SSBC requires NO prep; we read the story aloud together when we meet, and meeting in a park or beach is an essential part. I think this time we'll incorporate some fantastic local authors, reading and discussing their work.. we're so totally lucky to live among so many brilliant writers!

The NYC Mayoral race is heating up and while I'm sure I'll have a longer screed, and hopefully a Persisticon event to announce, in the meantime; plan to VOTE FOR A WOMAN. There are FANTASTIC candidates (yes, I'm yelling with those all caps.) New York City deserves a fresh start with a visionary Mayor who can and will bring her lived experience to bear on the job. AND because ranked choice voting is in effect, it's a more open field. I love Maya Wiley, Dianne Morales and Kathryn Garcia. They're all electable if you vote for them.


Stay safe!


magnolia blossoms against a blue sky with a few light clouds

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The PINK Show is up at DK

The PINK Show is up at DK

The PINK show is up at DK. It is brought to you by the passion and formidable talents of the Pen & Ink Brigade, a cluster of like minded artists who have joined forces to create progressive change.
This show includes contributions from over 80 artists, all women, and is bi-coastal; the sister show is at Industrious Life in San Francisco.
The prompt was "PINK", and while the pieces reflect many interpretations of the word and color, many styles and mediums, they are all the same framed dimensions: 13" x13", and each costs $400.
Come check out the collaborative efforts of artists to make the world a more fair and just place. Proceeds from the show are going to Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight, working to ensure ALL eligible voters can exercise their rights and that ALL votes count and are counted. It’s awesome to see what we can do when we do things together.
And hey, maybe knock some gifts off your list while you’re saving the world?
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