The PINK Show is up at DK

The PINK show is up at DK. It is brought to you by the passion and formidable talents of the Pen & Ink Brigade, a cluster of like minded artists who have joined forces to create progressive change.
This show includes contributions from over 80 artists, all women, and is bi-coastal; the sister show is at Industrious Life in San Francisco.
The prompt was "PINK", and while the pieces reflect many interpretations of the word and color, many styles and mediums, they are all the same framed dimensions: 13" x13", and each costs $400.
Come check out the collaborative efforts of artists to make the world a more fair and just place. Proceeds from the show are going to Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight, working to ensure ALL eligible voters can exercise their rights and that ALL votes count and are counted. It’s awesome to see what we can do when we do things together.
And hey, maybe knock some gifts off your list while you’re saving the world?

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