Grown up and sophisticated

A customer came in today and fell in love with Jitterbug Perfume. It is one of the staples among our collection of fragrances (which also includes Kai and Sage Oils). When she asked me how I would describe it, I said that it is grown up and sophisticated, that it has the gravitas of Chanel No. 5 without feeling old fashioned or too heavy: a modern interpretation of smells that conjure vintage photographs, french movies, and first dates.

Since that was a pretty qualitative description, I also looked it up to discover the following:

Those are scents that remind me of sitting at my grandmother's dressing table, just tall enough to see the glimmer of crystal bottles, the glint of metal lipstick cylinders, the luscious lure of her gilded compact, and the irresistible pot of delectable cold cream that lived in the far corner.

Every year, my grandparents drove to our house for Thanksgiving. My grandmother would pack all of her oils and potions—the things that I thought made her quintessentially grown up and sophisticated—into an avocado green cosmetics case that matched her luggage. I ALWAYS carried that case in from the car, and she always let me pop it open and poke through it. As a result, classic perfume and the smells of autumn combine to conjure many of my favorite memories.

When that customer held out her wrist for my opinion, it was as if I was sitting at my grandmother's vanity with the atomizer poised before me. After she purchased the Jitterbug Perfume, I picked up the tester, dabbed a bit on the back of my hand, and have been engrossed in lovely memories ever since.

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These cashmere pop-top gloves from Carolina Amato arrived in the store a couple of days ago, and it reminded me of this gorgeous car:

I love the car's exterior, but I also love the tones and textures of the interior. Also in that family:

Prairie Underground's Long Cloak Hoodie

Shabd's stormy silk scarf
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Let me introduce you

to some of the new designers in the store this fall:

The lovely and delightful, and very local, Megan Noonan dropped off pieces from her inaugural collection for Marijn Bennet. I'm particularly taken by the braided scarves in alpaca and wool. Warm necklaces in fetching colors are an original take on a winter staple.

Hikaru Noguchi, is a new gem for us. Japanese by origin, she produces her collection of knit accessories in the UK from the finest Scottish, English and Australian wool. The styles reference vintage knitwear, while updating colors to a thoroughly modern mix. I call it friendly, soft, warm... and definitely cool.

Another new find is Mercy Studio, by a design duo out of Toronto. The rich fabrics, attention to detail and romantic silhouettes drew me in immediately. In the end, though, there is something unique and artful about the collection that I haven't come across before, and that won me over. The digitally printed silk charmeuse, in deep navy with bronzy gold, blue, white and brown is pure luxury, and the washed stars on woven wool are sophisticated delight. Not to mention the gold brocade coat...

This is just a tease, come see what else is on the racks and on the shelves.
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Fall weather, Fall fashion

For the past week I've been reveling in the chilly morning weather and in the pleasure of pulling up the blankets instead of reaching for the ac. While I normally can't stand to look at sweaters in August, I was thrilled to get to work this morning and see the first of our fall orders had arrived to the store! Majestic, Velvet and Hartford are a few of my favorites. Take a peek!
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Cooling off on Pier 6

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Last week my cousin Meghan invited me to take a walk down to the water park over at Pier 6 together with her daughter Quinn. There are rocks to climb on and around, sprinklers in open areas and little rivers to meander through while getting your feet wet. It was the perfect way to cool off. I wish there was a park like that for adults, because I would go there all the time.

I gave Quinn this Yoshii towel from the store shortly after she was born, and Meghan used it to dry her off when we were ready to leave the park. It also came in handy for lining a too-hot swing seat. I want to order more for the store, so I will keep you all posted...

Oh yeah, and on the walk home we passed this lovely flower shop and saw artichoke flowers. Sooooo cool.
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Meanwhile, back in Park Slope...

Witness the work of George The Great:

The lights are embedded in wooden dowls- fantastic.

George Awad, truly George the Great, has been transforming the lighting in the store this summer.
It started with an offhand comment from my friend Christine, about her father's mini obsession with LED lighting. LEDs are something I have long championed, but had disappointing experience with. 
They are magical: very energy efficient, long lived and bright, but until recently the color spectrum available to the general public was limited to very white/ blue light- not the best for my warm store.
George's interest has led him to explore the options now available, including warmer tones, and the results are remarkable, as you can see in the before and after photos above.
I'm completely thrilled. 

And, among things that may thrill you: there are lots of good things on SALE in the store now. 
Come in, experience George's magic, and find something magic of your own.
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I gave in!!!! These Mali bracelets have been among our best selling items all summer, and I have watched tons of fabulous, stylish women walk out with their perfectly customized stack of colorful rubber bangles. Yesterday I gave in to the lure of these recycled accessories and took home a stack of my own. I had dinner with a couple friends in Prospect Park last night, and they were the first thing that we talked about.

At only $2/bracelet, they are a steal. And you can keep them on at the beach or wear them straight into the deep end of the pool. I don't plan on taking mine off until the weather necessitates long sleeves, and at 97 degrees today, it's hard to imagine that will ever happen!
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