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OLO has been a favorite of Diana Kane for a long time. Founded in 2009 by Heather Sielaff, OLO is a fragrance that is hand blended fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, key accords, and absolutes.  Our latest shipment of these bottled to order beauties are....

Lightening Paw
made with Bergamot, Jasmine, Patchouli, and Vanilla
Heather Sielaff describes Lightening Paw as "free-spirited and feminine without even trying to be."

Nationale 6/7
made with Jasmine, Lemon, Rose, and Sandalwood
Nationale is a gallery/shop in Portland, OR. This scent was created in collaboration with the owner, May Barruel. "Nationale smells like a perfume from another time and place."

Victory Wolf
made with cade, and woo
It's the scent that has lingered on your clothes after a night by fire. 

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Grown up and sophisticated

A customer came in today and fell in love with Jitterbug Perfume. It is one of the staples among our collection of fragrances (which also includes Kai and Sage Oils). When she asked me how I would describe it, I said that it is grown up and sophisticated, that it has the gravitas of Chanel No. 5 without feeling old fashioned or too heavy: a modern interpretation of smells that conjure vintage photographs, french movies, and first dates.

Since that was a pretty qualitative description, I also looked it up to discover the following:

Those are scents that remind me of sitting at my grandmother's dressing table, just tall enough to see the glimmer of crystal bottles, the glint of metal lipstick cylinders, the luscious lure of her gilded compact, and the irresistible pot of delectable cold cream that lived in the far corner.

Every year, my grandparents drove to our house for Thanksgiving. My grandmother would pack all of her oils and potions—the things that I thought made her quintessentially grown up and sophisticated—into an avocado green cosmetics case that matched her luggage. I ALWAYS carried that case in from the car, and she always let me pop it open and poke through it. As a result, classic perfume and the smells of autumn combine to conjure many of my favorite memories.

When that customer held out her wrist for my opinion, it was as if I was sitting at my grandmother's vanity with the atomizer poised before me. After she purchased the Jitterbug Perfume, I picked up the tester, dabbed a bit on the back of my hand, and have been engrossed in lovely memories ever since.

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