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Cooling off on Pier 6

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Last week my cousin Meghan invited me to take a walk down to the water park over at Pier 6 together with her daughter Quinn. There are rocks to climb on and around, sprinklers in open areas and little rivers to meander through while getting your feet wet. It was the perfect way to cool off. I wish there was a park like that for adults, because I would go there all the time.

I gave Quinn this Yoshii towel from the store shortly after she was born, and Meghan used it to dry her off when we were ready to leave the park. It also came in handy for lining a too-hot swing seat. I want to order more for the store, so I will keep you all posted...

Oh yeah, and on the walk home we passed this lovely flower shop and saw artichoke flowers. Sooooo cool.
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