Creativity rebound

Happy Fall, ya'll! 

I'm happy to be making things again. Things: quilts and ceramics and jewelry, oh my! Yeah. The last couple of years(!) have felt like swimming through syrup.. heavy and thick and hard to breathe. Maybe that's depression? Maybe that's just what I've needed to experience? Maybe it was a perfectly reasonable response to some lousy cards? Either way, I'm excited to be excited again. 

And yes, there have been lots (and lots!) of bright spots in that time, and I've been drinking in the riches of other people's creative expressions, but the dark spot has been my lack of interest in creating, an itch and a muscle that until recently had never deserted me, so I'm truly thrilled to welcome it back. Hello, muses. 

I'll be at the PS 321 Holiday Market on Saturday, December 2nd with lots of new and beautiful things and you know I'd love to see you there. In the meantime.. Here are some new earrings. As I said when I made their smaller sister, they're to honor the times that aren't always smooth. There's beauty in the rougher textures too.



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