Happy New Year. 

First up: S-A-L-E, SALE SALE SALE. Yes, it's the January sale. Most everything (except jewelry) is 10-70% off. Come see for yourself.
Second: Big changes at DK in 2020. Y'all are invited to help us launch... because you're our peeps, and I admire your style. ;)
What am I talking about? Bringing second hand clothes (only good stuff!) into the store.

Why? Because I've been in a store related existential crisis for a while now. Let's welcome this new decade working toward a more sustainable future. Extending the life of our garments by buying and selling amongst ourselves has a huge environmental impact, slowing down the damages incurred in the manufacturing process and also keeping things out of the landfill for longer. Plus, personally, I'd much rather have a new-to-me Hartford shirt than a new-new Old Navy tee. Let's share, and trade, and swap. Let's give ourselves more opportunities to come together. Let's get lucky. Let's get creative. Let's clean out our closets...

Here's the plan: Starting asap we'll be offering both new *and* second hand clothes at DK. I'm not giving up the brands we all love just yet, or jewelry! but phasing in gently used items too. You know: the things you bought but didn't wear; the ones that were for an occasion but now are just taking up space; things you loved but don't fit anymore, either your bod, or maybe your soul. 

We will buy a la Beacon's Closet, only with the DK aesthetic and customer in mind. Starting 1/15/20, next Wednesday, feel free to bring in the goodies you've culled. To begin we'll be buying on Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturdays, but that will likely change to include everyday in a month or two. We'll be buying clean, unstained, undamaged clothing. No shoes and very few accessories to start.
We will be buying in-season and Spring.
No Fast Fashion brands, e.g. no Forever 21, Zara, H & M, Old Navy, Uniqlo, etc.
We want boutique brands first and foremost.. think Velvet and James Perse, Xirena and Nili Lotan, Matta and Ulla Johnson, Ace & Jig and Amour Vert.. You know. I'll make exceptions for J.Crew and Madewell.. which walk the line, don't you think?

We will be adding rack space and refreshing the store itself, so bear with us through our transformations! 

The PINK Show is coming down at the end of the month and the remaining pieces are all at an astounding 50% off, with proceeds still going to Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight. Don't miss out!

As always, find T-shirts and so much more at DK Online.

With love, and in solidarity,


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