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Dear friends,

It is with a full heart and clear eyes that I announce the closing of the brick and mortar incarnation of my business. It has been my deepest pleasure and privilege to have been part of our community for the past 18 years.

I am proud of the space I held here, and grateful to all of you for embracing me and this dream that I had had since childhood; I did it.

I opened my doors on April 18th, 2002 on what was an almost desolate stretch of Fifth Avenue. Only two months later I discovered that I was pregnant with my first son, Max. My family and my store grew up together, and I realized my great good fortune to have landed in this spot: a community bursting with smart and caring people, who welcomed both.

We weathered a lot, and have seen many come, and go, along the way. I admit I miss the weird and wonderful places that existed at the beginning; the rents were reasonable enough to take a chance and express one’s self through one’s singular vision, without too much concern about the “market”. Maybe after the tidal waves of C19 subside that ground will become fertile again.

My store has been an expression of me and where I was throughout the years: in the early days I carried pretty lacy things, but they soon gave way to more pragmatic pretty things, looking to outfit the women in our area in both comfort, quality, and beauty. I embraced the burgeoning sustainable-fashion movement from the get-go: was a pioneering outpost for collections like Prairie Underground, Organic by John Patrick, Loomstate and Edun, Katherine Hamnett, Skin; I bought Tom’s first shoe collection, which I couldn’t sell to save my life (ha!) sold hundreds of Sven boots and Dr. Scholl’s sandals; we championed smaller designers, carrying Erica Tanov, Araks, Modaspia, and Europeans like Hartford and Hanro, with textiles to die for. I was always looking for tactile gratification along with fit and form.

Along the way I gave up trying to keep my personal and political lives separate from the store persona. It had become ever clearer that the personal is political and the political is personal. I’ve never regretted it; it opened up so many conversations, and blurred the lines. We are all so much more than our profession or public face.

I am thrilled to have used my space to advocate for women, for artists, for equality, for rich and equal public school opportunities for all of our kids.

I think the why of our closing is obvious, and the what’s next is unknown.

To the nitty-gritty: help me to clear out! Shop! As of now, everything is 25% off, discount applied automatically. There are BEAUTIFUL pieces, and summer is coming. A fresh drop from Hartford landed last week. Xirena dresses are in in bright colors and in all their cotton glory. Velvet tees, and Prairie pants.
And the other stuff too: fixtures and some good furniture. Anyone need a nine foot long butcher block?! It’s pretty awesome. Please feel free to reach out, I'm available for personal shopping and would happily put together items for you to try on.

My online store will remain open, carrying predominantly my things: jewelry, Feminist Tees, the collaborative Jenny Belin buttons, and any remaining stock. I look forward to putting my resources toward developing new jewelry and new projects. 

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