Here we are, update 4/20, COVID-19, day 9 million

Hi all,

We've been closed for five weeks now. 

What have I been up to? Probably the same as every owner of every business you pass on the street who has been mandated closed: trying to figure out how to save my store.

That and making masks and sourdough, because I'm a pandemic cliche. I'm getting pretty good at both.

Thank you all for the support, the online purchases, the gift certificate purchases and the words of encouragement. Keep it up! It means the world.

I'd be lying if i said what we're facing isn't dire.

Sending big love to all. Stay safe! Stay home! Wear your masks! Shop local.. online


PS, if you're local and want sourdough starter, I'm happy to share

Dr Laura Melville

Dr. Laura Melville, Emergency Physician at Methodist, and a girlfriend of mine for 17 years picking up cloth masks to wear on her bike commute

Nobody in my house is wearing real pants, but we are clapping and cheering for essential workers at 7pm each night

Strangest and most tragic Spring in my 25+ years in Brooklyn, but still beautiful





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