What we're up to these days..

It's all the way summer and all I want to wear is cotton gauze and all I want to do is eat cucumber salads, read books, look at art and the sky.

We have replenished Prairie Underground's excellent cotton gauze separates.. don't miss them, they flew out of the store last time. The generous pockets on the pants are fab, and the shapes easy, flattering, cool.. in both meanings of the word.

Tess Michalik's paintings are gracing our walls, and living amongst them is a treat. A customer who happened upon us last weekend was moved to tears by them. What a gift to allow yourself to be moved by art! Don't deprive yourself. Stop in.

I wandered past the Diane Von Furstenberg store on West 14th Street recently and was thrilled to see Ashley Longshore's show celebrating iconic and inspiring women in the exuberant, campy way that only she can. I solidly recommend it.

And finally, make a beeline for the Tiny Pricks show at Lingua Franca NYC. The brainchild of fiber artist and activist Diana Weymar, but executed by oh so many hands, the store's walls are covered with pieces creatively embroidered with *45's most egregious statements. 

I appreciate people (female shop owners for the win here) using their platforms and their spaces to generate conversation, initiate thought, expand the necessary idea that being a citizen of the planet and this country means engaging with each other and looking out for one another, amplifying what you want to see more of, and calling out the bullshit when you see it.

Happy July. Come see me. Come shop, come chat, come hang out.

Oh yeah, and LOTS of things are on SALE.


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