Spring Update

Hey loves,

Mother's Day and May and the end of the school year and so many things are suddenly right around the corner.

The store is stocked with all sorts of warm weather goodness, including cork heeled wedge sandals handmade in Spain; plentiful stripes and fresh t shirts from Velvet; Prairie's constant sustainable made-in-Seattle super flattering pieces; fresh dresses and tops and sarongs and scarves from Matta; NEW buttons from Jenny Belin (Michelle!!!), and a host of other things. 

Black tanks back in stock just in time for the sunshine

Torz's show of photographs from the January Women's March on Washington (feels like a lifetime ago, right?!) are up and giving me hope every day. If you haven't stopped by yet- do come check it out- it'll make your heart feel good, and who doesn't need that?

My door's open!


PS- Martha Plimpton wore #FeministGold to the opening of The Handmaid's Tale!!!

Martha Plimpton has been rocking my world since the 80s (yes, I'm that old).



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