January arrives

January has officially arrived, and on the east coast this week includes bitter cold (snow day even!), and the opportunity to hone in on the things that give us pleasure when the festivities have passed.  

Mine include finding the space to pursue a few projects that have been waiting for the frenzy to pass: One re-boots my dedication to activism, particularly around encouraging more equality in the representation in our elected offices. One reboots my dedication to finding ways to connect with friends (IRL, imagine that!) around art and literature, an activity that consistently makes me feel hopeful, and one has been a steadfast pleasure for the last fifteen years: shopping for beautiful new items for the store and website to delight us all.

Happy New Year, folks. Come shop our sale, come say hi, Come see the new pieces from Matta, and Xirena, patiently awaiting a sunshiny future.


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