I've been watching the political landscape in all its wild shifting and upheaval. While the national stage is in constant flux, and holding the line alone is challenging and important, our own NY state legislature has gleefully passed landmark laws that serve to shore up New York's status as a true Sanctuary State. Big beautiful laws that protect women's rights to bodily autonomy; bold gun control laws; the DREAM Act; election reform, including early voting; the Child Victims Act, they banned gay conversion therapy, and this off-the-top-of-my head list is just what happened in January!

It got me thinking about Cynthia Nixon. She stood up for NYers and spearheaded the progressive platform when no one else wanted to do it. Taking on Cuomo, with his huge war chest, along with the connections and advantages a long time incumbent enjoys, was no easy feat. It required a strong spine, and a willingness to do the hard work of galvanizing and unifying a movement with many disparate priorities. I believe we would not have had the decisive mandate we now enjoy without her tireless, clear-eyed, willingness to stand in the fire voicing the inequities, highlighting the places we could do better. 

What does this have to do with a Park Slope boutique?? Nothing and everything, as usual. The personal is political. I feel a debt of gratitude to the people, and hey I'm gonna go with THE WOMEN PEOPLE, who stood up this election cycle, many of them for the first time. They're my Galentines.

You guys are too. You canvassed and sent postcards, supported with your dollars and your voices; paid attention and called out the BS when you saw it. YOU delivered these wins for all of us. I'm hella grateful. SO...

WINE, SNACKS, CHOCOLATE (maybe a cheese plate?? I'm kinda obsessed)

WANNA COME MAKE SOME GALENTINE'S CARDS with me on 2/13 at DK? I think we all have women who help us keep the plates spinning, and I'd like to acknowledge them along with provide an opportunity to send Cynthia some thanks, give Nancy Pelosi love, send our hearts out to Christine Blasey Ford, tell AOC we see her badassery and we have her back.
And so many more. 

I'll have supplies, cards, and addresses. Bring your fine selves. 

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