Sasha Stim-Fogel, Pink is...the Moon

Sasha Stim-Fogel

Sasha Stim-Fogel

Pencil, watercolor

Sasha Stim-Fogel grew up in San Francisco and moved to New York City to study art at Cooper Union. Since then, she has worked with desserts, dogs and people, while continuing to make artwork. Sasha also earned her masters in social work from NYU and has spent years working as a geriatric social worker. She feels privileged to help people later in their lives. Sasha works with paint, pencil and ink on paper. She also works in clay using the method of hand building to create usable and sculptural forms.  Sasha loves textile art and has incorporated batik and embroidery into her work. Recently, Sasha has been working on writing and illustrating picture books. In addition to art, Sasha loves animals, children, gardening, comedy, springtime and the ocean. She does not like staying indoors! Sasha also loves to travel and lived in mountainous Northern Thailand for two years, where she volunteered teaching children and trained as a tattoo artist. Since 2017, Sasha has lived in New York’s mountainous Hudson Valley with her wife, son, and two cats. She can be found assisting in a garden-based preschool, working for a local potter and supporting caregivers of people with dementia. 


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