Marnie Spencer, Pink is...Reclaiming Our Time

Marnie Spencer

Marnie Spencer


Marnie is a California native. Born in Oakland. Received a Fine Arts degree from the University of California (UC Berkeley & UCSB). She has lived and painted in Bolinas for three decades and participated in solo shows, group shows, major art fairs; created large commissioned works and designed book covers. Her paintings are chiefly acrylic on canvas. They are quite representational with a perpetual focus on the past: explorations of the flora and fauna of antediluvian locales and other bygone allures and studies of démodé genres and anachronistic faces. She's captivated by the World's big topics: Time. Love. And just what does it all mean? Always playing for a bit of nostalgia to trigger a viewer's memory. Kind of a Proustian thing: a prescient remembrance of how it all began way back when ... riverrun, past Eve and Adam's ...


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