Kate Apostolou, Pink is...a Go-Getter

Kate Apostolou

Kate Apostolou


Kate Apostolou is a designer based in San Francisco. She grew up in the Bay Area and fell in love with design when working on her high school newspaper. When Kate realized the power of putting words and images together to tell stories that matter, she was hooked. Kate pursued her interest in storytelling at Carnegie Mellon University, where she got her BFA in Communication Design and a minor in Professional Writing. She picked up lots of fun skills, but above all, she learned to think critically about the world and care about people. She now works at Dropbox, where she’s done a range of product, brand, and web design. She’s also been leading a passion project called Ladies Get Loud that amplifies the voices of women in design. When not designing, Kate likes going to concerts, fantasizing about travel destinations, huddling in cafes, and drinking a good cup of tea.


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