Portraits Of Women: Icons and Feminists

This was a group show with large roster of established artists working in many media. The subjects are of the artists' choosing, their only criterion is that their subject is a woman.

Each artist worked with a 12" square piece of plywood.

Our opening party coincided with Art Slope, on September 17th, 2016.

See some of the art here, and visit our Facebook page or Instagram for updates and additional images. It was a constant, rotating, wall of awesomeness. If you are an artist interested in participating in the future, drop us a line, we'd love to meet you!






Feminism is not just a word to use lightly. It is a stance, a position, a conduct, a belief, and a discourse. It is an ethical and moral code of behavior that interjects humanity and hope in society. Feminism is gender equality. 

To achieve our current state of feminism in the twenty-first century, there have been innumerable role models who have pushed diligently across and against the currents of hate, sexism, and patriarchy. Portraits of Women: Feminist Icons is a celebration of the considerable travails, experiences and successes of a transnational group of women, all of whom have changed our lives for the better through subtle and subversive interventions in history. Some of these feminist icons have done so on major political platforms and public stages, while others have fulfilled their mission privately and individually, without much popular distinction. Nevertheless, the unified display of portraits, created by various art world professionals and amateurs alike, acknowledges and honors such significant accomplishments. Most importantly, Portraits of Women: Feminist Icons is an explicit rejoinder to our youngergeneration that a sustainable future—one in which, respectively, the arts and humanities, sciences and technologies, will flourish—can only be attained and engendered by equal attention to the labors and status of women and men."

— Aliza Edelman, PhD.

 Aliza Edelman, PhD. and Feminist.