Pink is Power

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What is PINK? 


PINK is women artists redefining and reclaiming the color PINK! Last year the Pen + Ink Brigade - a group of women artists joining forces to create progressive change - created the BLUE WAVE PROJECT.
This year, a year in which a record number of women ran for office, we are redefining PINK. We have witnessed the power of PINK in the courageous acts of our women leaders around the globe - from Nancy Pelosi and AOC to Jacinda Arden and Greta Thunberg.  Inspired by these fearless women, the Pen + Ink Brigade has assembled PINK NYC and PINK SF, two original art shows quadruple the size of the BLUE WAVE PROJECT.
In these shows, 80+ women artists redefine and reclaim the color PINK. With this bi-coastal effort to support progressive change, PINK NYC and PINK SF have the potential to raise over $25,000 with 75% of the proceeds going support Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight 2020. We are very proud of this massive effort!  Come check out the shows in person.
November 14th is the San Francisco opening at Industrious Life. The New York City opening is November 15th from 5-8 pm at Diana Kane Boutique and Gallery. Exhibit details below. You can purchase art from PINK NYC and PINK SF now.