Susy Pilgrim Waters, Turn The Tide Vote Blue

Susy Pilgrim Waters
About a year and a half ago, a group of fierce and notable women illustrators gathered to participate in the women's march as "The Pen and Ink Brigade". We marched again a year later, and today we are joining forces once more, this time to collaborate and create art which we are selling to raise money to donate to VoteRiders an organization that is working to get out the vote for the critical November midterm elections. Our goal? 
A democratic congress and senate. 
T U R N  T H E   T I D E   V O T E   B L U E ! 
To that end, we have created blue waves. You can buy the art on pins and postcards and all the proceeds will be donated to VoteRiders.

Work is 9" x 9", delivered framed

susy pilgrim waters combines her love of design, illustration, printing and narrative, often into work with function.

she finds that each project informs another, which in turn has built a large visual vocabulary to draw from.
she lives near the sea in Boston mostly focussing on the creation of large format silk screened textiles. 



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