pro-fumare candles


From the Chicago based candle crafting goddesses at Tatine, come these earthy, deliciously fragranced candles.

Tears of Myrrh:

Perfumed trees of antiquity weep bittersweet tears of precious resin. Dark tones of frankincense & myrrh are carried to the heavens on a floral crown of orange blossom and sweet freesia. Charred vetiver & altar incense rise into a soulful blend of holy smoke.​ 


Evening scented blooms open to warm winds. The dark magic of burning woods and embers smolder in the night sky. Black cardamom, herbal lime + orange blossom oil reveal the mystery of the velvet hour. 

Dream Within A Dream

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" [E.A Poe] 

Nostalgic heliotrope and silken powdery notes of creamy bourbon vanilla melt

into seductive amber and dark patchouli oil. Lemon blossom and a whisper of white grapefruit leave fragrant traces of dreams yet to unfold.  


Soft golden light emanates peacefulness through Orientalist perfume notes. Fragrant ginger, coriander and sparkling mimosa scent the air. Delicate iris petals + temple sandalwood add depth to the ritual of light.​ 

All: 8oz. soy wax candle in sueded dark brown glassware.


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