Carin Berger, Pink is...Uplifting

Carin Berger

Carin Berger

Collage, glitter

Carin Berger is an award winning designer, and author/illustrator of over a dozen picture books. Her cut-paper collages and dioramas are made with scraps of old books, letters and receipts, and she can’t pass up a good piece of ephemera. Carin is a founding member of the Pen and Ink Brigade, a group of women artists dedicated to creating progressive change with their art. She is the dreamer who conceived of the BLUE WAVE PROJECT and PINK NYC + PINK SF. Carin has received The Original Art Founder’s Award for her illustrations for Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant, and The Little Yellow Leaf, which she wrote as well as illustrated, was named a New York Times Best Illustrated Book. She has been awarded the Scandiuzzi Children’s Book Award and the Best of Show from 3 x 3 Magazine for the International Children’s Book Show. Recent books include: All of Us, a celebration of the power of family, community and love; and A Curious Menagerie which is a festive romp through collective nouns. Carin’s work has been included in numerous exhibits and she has given talks and led art and creativity workshops for kids and adults around the world.


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