Rebecca Szeto, Pink is...the New Black Noise

Rebecca Szeto

Rebecca Szeto

Ink, gouache

Rebecca Szeto is a native San Franciscan artist still living and working in the City. She graduated from UC Berkeley and has continued independent studies under mentors Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky (known collectively as Rosenclaire) in Italy and South Africa for the last two decades. She has also been awarded residencies and scholarships and exhibited and published here in the US and abroad. She is interested in the poetic intersection of the material and the immaterial, focusing on objects, actions and situations that are often domestic in nature and are overlooked or marginalized as a reflection of the human condition. Using humble, mass produced materials, such as rust, dead bees, beaten up paintbrushes or steel wool, her work investigates the possibilities in re-forming beauty and value.  Play and chance are integral parts of her process; they are a way of setting aside preconceived notions about the materials so that she may intuitively explore their inherent qualities and investigate their meaning below the surface. The results are oftentimes unpredictable and quietly playful, taking shape in often porous definitions of drawing, painting, and sculpture.


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