Sharon Nullmeyer, Pink is...People Power

Sharon Nullmeyer

Sharon Nullmeyer


Sharon Nullmeyer aka Nullsie is a late blooming artist who resides in the Hudson Valley region of New York. After living almost all her life in Southern California, the East Coast has provided her with lots of inspiration, including great food, historical sites, great people watching, museums, plays, bookstores, a foam Statue of Liberty hat and snow, (which in itself, is a whole new experience). Sharon is an illustrator, pattern maker, art- journaling, collaging painter, it’s hard for her to decide what she likes to do most artistically. You can usually find her with a sketchbook in hand, because that giant sketchbook is her constant companion. When not painting, Sharon likes to spend time exploring new places with her best friend boyfriend Rick and their dog Priscilla. Any quaint little town, any museum, tiny store, taco stand or antique mall is a must stop on their adventures. They hunt and sell antiques together and also love flea markets and farm stands. Sharon is addicted to MSNBC, PBS, and all sorts of podcasts and audio books. She has often shared her feelings both political and personal through her art and hopes to do more. 


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