Sara Christian, Pink is...Every Body Positivity

Sara Christian

Sara Christian

Painted paper, collage

Gender roles and beauty regimen are fascinating to me. Women are storytellers with thrills or subtle mystery; their makeup-faces and teased hair are whirlwinds of expressive style and communication. I observe the brazenly overdone or the attempted hidden. Accentuated or extracted parts make for imperfect bliss. My paintings are snapshots of these expressions. I play with a layered process of pushed color, soft drips, and glued or sewn recycled paper. From these organic and impulsive shapes, figures emerge. Designing book covers for mental health for over 13 years, leads me to promote body positivity. How we perceive our physical selves in mind-body well-being and to be at peace is powerful and contagious! I received my BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design in 1997 and since, design and illustrate in the publishing industry. Sim Sima is my brand of surface design, paintings, clothing, and soft sculptures.


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