Maddy Brookes, Pink is...Equality

Maddy Brookes

Maddy Brookes


Maddy is an emerging illustrator originally from Vermont. After recently graduating from the American University of Paris with a degree in Fine Arts, she moved to New York in the hopes of breaking into the field of illustration. Trained mostly in classical style painting with oils and acrylics, Maddy has been utilizing these skills in other ways, both digitally and traditionally. Portraiture and figurative work has always been her bread and butter and she is excited to support such an amazing cause with an illustration of Megan Rapinoe, captain of the women’s US soccer team, who helped bring the team to victory at the World Cup in 2019 while also fighting for equal pay compared to what the men’s soccer team earns. Maddy is honored to be supporting Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight efforts with her art, especially alongside so many amazing artists.


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