Julia Child

Peg Grady

by Peg Grady

12" x 12"

Julia Child was that wonderfully joyous cook on TV who touched off the foodie revolution. But she was also Julia, the champion of Planned Parenthood, who donated countless hours to appearances and demonstrations for fund-raising events, facing angry protesters with aplomb. She was Julia, the 6'3" woman rejected from the armed forces during WWII for being too tall, who ran off to join the OSS (the spy agency) serving in Ceylon and China. She was the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Julia loved butter. And Planned Parenthood. And her years serving in the OSS. And firing up her blow torch to caramelize Creme Brûlée. And Dan Aykroyd's parody of her cutting herself and bleeding out. She often played a tape of that show for her guests. Then, imitating Aykroyd imitating her, she would cry out "save the liver!" and burst out laughing. Thus, the band aid.

Applique and embroidery on canvas


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