Jo March/ Louisa May Alcott

Marie Roberts

By Marie Roberts

"I  had no female role models and I  didn't notice until I was grown.

My mother worked because she had to. Watching her I knew I didnt want to sew or stand on my feet five or six days a week.

There wasn't much growing up. Books cost money to own. Reading library books was free. Drawing was free. (No such things as art supplies, you used what was around). One of the few books I owned was  "Little Women".

There  wasn't much in my future landscape, I didnt want to be a secretary or a teacher or a homemaker. I wanted something else. Louisa May Alcott was a beacon. Her story became intertwined with Jo's;  the idea of a woman writing opened a portal to possibility.

In a childhood without much hope and a dearth of possibility, Jo March and Louisa May Alcott opened a portal.

My painting of a woman doing something is based on memory of the illustrations in the book I owned, and written words in the novel about the practice of writing."


Acrylic on wood board

12" x 12"



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