Gina Triplett, Turn The Tide Vote Blue

Gina Triplett
About a year and a half ago, a group of fierce and notable women illustrators gathered to participate in the women's march as "The Pen and Ink Brigade". We marched again a year later, and today we are joining forces once more, this time to collaborate and create art which we are selling to raise money to donate to VoteRiders an organization that is working to get out the vote for the critical November midterm elections. Our goal? 
A democratic congress and senate. 
T U R N  T H E   T I D E   V O T E   B L U E ! 
To that end, we have created blue waves. You can buy the art on pins and postcards and all the proceeds will be donated to VoteRiders.
Gina Triplett grew up in rural Minnesota, surrounded by fields, woods and farmland. Her childhood artwork served as a way of entertaining her family and gave her a place to escape into her imagination.


The basis of Gina’s artwork lies in her uniquely personalized manner of drawing and painting. She uses this visual signature to create images for outlets that have ranged from clothing, to books, magazines, packaging, and murals. Over the years, Gina has exhibited throughout the U.S and abroad. She uses gallery work as a time to explore themes that can later be tapped for commissioned work. Gina's career has been built upon this sense of keeping a thin line between the work she does of her own accord and the work she does in collaboration with her illustration clients. This path has allowed her to connect with the smaller audiences afforded by direct interaction with an original artwork and the wider audiences that come with the avenues of popular media.

She now splits a studio with her partner, Matt Curtius, in Philadelphia, PA. Together, they create paintings, murals, and illustrations under the name of Gina and Matt.

Work is 9" x 9", delivered framed

Waves will be available to purchase via auction starting on Thursday 9/27, ending on Friday10/12. 


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