Selina Alko, Blue; songs are like tattoos

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BLUE; Songs Are Like Tattoos
Abstract paintings by Selina Alko inspired by Joni Mitchell's songs
[EDIT, 11/8/18 This show sold out so quickly, Selina created more pieces! A percentage of sales of the new pieces will benefit EMILY's List and their ongoing mission to elect more democratic pro-choice women.]
Paintings created as an offshoot of Selina's work for her upcoming children's book on Joni Mitchell. The legendary singer/songwriter/painter grew up in rural Canada, overcame polio and then went on to find her truth through travel, love, music and art. 
JONI will be published by Harper Collins in January 2020. 
The work in this show will not be published in Selina's picture book, but, rather, the paintings are more like personal meditations, inspired by Joni's lyrics, meant for the viewer to contemplate their own search for meaning and truth.
The BLUE theme also emphasizes Selina's desire for the tides to turn blue in November.  A percentage of sales will be donated to VoteRiders
Selina Alko bio:
It is no wonder that award-winning writer-illustrator Selina Alko now spends her days melding words and mixed-media art to convey stories of hope and inspiration—as well as an alternative viewpoint. Growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia with a Turkish father who spoke seven languages and taught painting, and a mother who worked in the family’s century old metal recycling business, she was surrounded by the melody of words and stories from different places. The diverse world view she was privy to are evident in her books for children including: The Case for Loving; The Fight for Interracial Marriage, B is for Brooklyn and Daddy Christmas & Hanukkah Mama. Her picture book, JONI (Harper Collins), about the singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell is coming out in January 2020.