Elizabeth Gomez, Pink is...Amor

Elizabeth Gomez

Elizabeth Gomez


Elizabeth Gómez was born and raised in Mexico City and has lived most of her adult life in California. She is a versatile artist that has painted murals, canvases, children’s books and many other surfaces. One of her murals is in Redwood City’s main library and depicts the wonders of reading with over 700 hidden books children need to look for. She loves artwork that has a direct tie to the Mexican arts and crafts movement where the colorful hand of the artist is visible in every piece. In “Pink is Amor,” she depicted a traditional Mexican “milagros” heart. The painted heart, as well as the four birds around it, are attached to the paper with delicate blue stitches. Embroidery is the ultimate feminine artwork that has beautified daily life for centuries around the world. Elizabeth loves to display in her artwork the rich artistic tradition of her country. Especially now, when asserting that some small Mexican thing is beautiful or desirable, has become a political act in U.S.A.


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