awakening hands


Okay, we admit it; the packaging bites. So you have to know the product is THAT GOOD to make the cut anyway. This stuff is miraculous, truly.

Magnesium-rich, hydrating hand therapy cream for dry, cracked skin with a pleasing mild fragrance blend of ginger, cinnamon & myrrh soothes and hydrates better than anything else we've come across. 

  • Never greasy or sticky - leaves skin feeling like silk within 40 seconds of application. Contains zero mineral oils
  • Magnesium fights aging by stimulating skin cells to regenerate. Potassium hydrates
  • Each pearl-size drop application will endure through multiple hand washings
  • Essences of ginger and cinnamon astringents soothe irritated, itchy skin
  • Extract of myrrh (the ancient Balm of Gilead) fights bacteria
  • Heals dry, cracked fingers, nails and cuticles
  • Never lose your grip - perfect if you work with your hands
  • Won't mark, mar or soil fabric, leather, metal or glass
  • Vegan skincare. Never tested on animals. Contains no animal ingredients or derivatives. Paraben-free
  • 3.38oz/100ml regular HANDS size lasts up to 4 months: 1 drop morning, noon and night. TSA qualifying size :)


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